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What are the types of monitor mounts?

Monitor mounts are available in different types to fit any type of monitor. The most popular type is the standard VESA mount, which usually has 4 screw holes to hold the monitor firmly. Other popular types are desk or wall-mounted handles. These options allow you to position the monitors so that they can be rotated and adjusted in height. There are also special stands for monitors that can accommodate several screens at once and serve to display content on two or more monitors. These racks are ideal for mobile offices as they take up little space and allow easy transport.

Monitor mounts

Monitor mounts and stands are a very practical solution for people looking for better ergonomics. Monitor alignment can be a critical factor in comfort and productivity. With desk or wall-mounted mounts, you can adjust the height of the screen to match your body's natural movements. Monitor stands are also convenient for users as they allow the screen to move in any direction to optimize visibility and ergonomics. Monitor mounts and stands provide flexibility, ensuring you can adjust the right position anywhere.

What is the correct monitor height setting?

Setting the monitor height correctly is important to maintain visual comfort. It is recommended that the monitor be positioned so that the screen can be seen straight before your eyes while sitting. The monitor should be placed at a height of about 15-20 cm below the level of the line of sight. The setting can be adjusted to suit individual preferences and needs.

How do I choose a mount for my monitor size?


The monitor holder should be selected according to the size of the screen. There is a wide range of mounts available on the market that can be adapted to all monitor sizes. Before buying a mount, make sure it has enough space for your monitor and is stable to ensure safe and proper use.
In addition, it is important to check the material and durability of the handle before buying it. When choosing a handle, it is also worth analyzing the possibilities of adjusting the image and position of the screen. Grips usually offer several levels of adjustment, which can help you adjust the monitor to the correct working position. Some models also allow you to rotate the monitor sideways and up or down for a better view. Before making a purchase decision, make sure that the handle is suitable for your needs and takes into account the issue of safety and durability.